Breathing life into a tired city centre corner

Off the back of our many successful shop-front window vinyl installations, TPA were approached to transform a vacant property within Glasgow’s extremely busy Sauchiehall Street pedestrian precinct that was slowly becoming a target for vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting.

Our approach was to enliven this most vibrant area just in time for Glasgow’s influx of Commonwealth Games visitors and also breathe new life into an extremely valuable property, thereby attracting new tenants.  Meantime we set out to adapt this most visible site as a platform giving local advertisers the opportunity to get their messages across affordably and effectively.

As can be seen from our gallery (above) the property agents’ details, with property information, remained prominent…in this instance taking centre stage By incorporating local street art into the installation alongside the ever changing works of art that are our advertisers posters, we created a temporary open-air street-facing art gallery. This generated tremendous street-level presence and captivated pedestrians.