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Tackling illegal fly posting.

“Graffiti and fly posting are environmental anti social activities which can blight a community and potentially lead to fear of crime and other anti-social behaviours.” – Perth and Kinross Council

At TPA we’re committed to eliminating illegal fly posting by offering an authorised and highly beneficial alternative and by implementing the TPA Duty of Care which combines vigilance with our clean down policy.

Local authorities understand the value and the importance of our initiatives. Along with our deliberate low cost pricing structure and with their support  through the provision of sites , illegal fly posting is significantly reduced.

Once TPA have taken over a site and installed our professionally designed and built hoardings or vinyls, we maintain a daily patrol to spot any instances of illegal fly posting and arrange immediate removal.

We will also systematically clean down illegal and unsightly fly posting within the vicinity of TPA sites.

To see the dramatic effect TPA have in tackling fly posting, see our case studies.

Local authorities have the power to take action against individuals and organisations involved in fly posting. See how the London Borough of Camden made use of White Collar Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) against fly posting.

For further information on the problem of fly posting please visit  the Keep Britain Tidy website.





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