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Our People.

Management Team

Guy Duman

Having grown the Scotland operation of a UK-wide outdoor advertising business tenfold in just 8 years, I knew the power of poster advertising and the Scottish market intimately. We saw a huge opportunity to professionalise the sector and developed our responsive and affordable offering. Our success is built on hard work and a genuine passion for what we do.



Tam Love

With over 20 years experience developing street poster sites, I can truly say The Poster Associates is changing the face of this sector … and for the better.  As the eyes and ears of TPA, I’m usually out  inspecting our sites, assessing new opportunities and liaising with site managers and security teams.  I  believe that our continued success lies in our close working relationship with our partners, dedication to our duty of care and excellent customer service.


Billy Love

Having being instrumental in the development of Glasgow’s first  authorised street poster scheme I was frustrated by the worst excesses of illegal fly posting and so The Poster Associates was created. I’m hugely energised by the impact TPA has had not just on our local  arts and leisure customers, who benefit from our  low cost advertising but by the transformation we’ve made to streetscapes and  shop-fronts.

Brian Dailly

As TPA’s Operations specialist, I manage the installation of our site and shop-front units and our clean-down programme. I take pride in our fastidious cleanliness and our Duty of Care. For TPA, it’s not just about our sites, but their immediate environment. If we see fly-posting nearby, we remove it and make good.



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