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Advertising: street posters.


TPA offer affordable city centre, council approved poster sites. We provide exceptional value for money for local advertisers looking to reach local audiences.

TPA’s street poster sites are located at highly visible locations throughout Glasgow and increasingly in other Scottish cities. Most of our sites are within close proximity to music venues, theatres, clubs, busy retail centres and all are situated in areas characterised by high pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

From 4-sheet, 8-sheet to 16-sheet poster sites and from Ad Drums to custom-built hoardings and bespoke street art, we offer advertisers an extensive range of formats.

TPA’s advertising platform keeps people informed, especially the very difficult to target youth market, who look to the posters on the street to check out what’s current and cool.

Here’s what some of our satisfied advertiser clients have to say about The Poster Associates:

Andrew MacKinnon, Mail Boxes Etc: “We have always believed in the power of outdoor. Since we started working with TPA we are now getting an even better response and at a significantly reduced cost. Definitely a win win situation for us

Niall Walker, The Arches: “TPA have been such an important factor in the Arches’ marketing strategy. The service they provide is not only of high quality and good value, but truly consistent, with posters always appearing when and where they’ve been booked. Our customers often quote the posters they’ve spotted on the street as their source of information about an event, so we know it works

TPA advertisers

Glasgow Life
T In the Park
Tron Theatre
Glasgow Life
Tron Theatre
02 Academy



Advertising Performance

Where: TPA has city centre sites throughout Glasgow and can also offer other key Scottish cities as well as nationwide campaigns.
100% Accountability: All TPA poster sites are authorised and fully approved.
How:Contact the TPA team to discuss your advertising campaign.
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