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Local Authorities.

TPA has a track record of successfully collaborating with Scotland’s biggest local authorities. We share their ambition to improve city centre environments for local communities, local businesses and visitors alike.

TPA understands the unique challenges facing city centre planners whose resources are stretched tackling urban degeneration.

We have intimate knowledge of the planning processes necessary to install and maintain authorised poster schemes which include artworks, street shields, vinyl shop-fronts and various innovative ways of enhancing streetscapes.

TPA’s unique Self-funding model, combined with our  Duty of Care, provides local authorities with a highly efficient  solution to enhance their urban improvement programmes. Our street poster sites reduce anti-social behaviour such as unauthorised fly posting, graffiti, stickers, tagging and vandalism, thus saving councils money.

We have collaborated with Glasgow City Council to create innovative streetscape artworks which add to the cultural vibrancy of the city centre and help transform neglected areas. Working with local street artists, TPA have created memorable and impactful artworks such as the Argyle Street and York Street frontages in Glasgow’s International Financial Services District.

We have also worked with many other local authorities to create street-side platforms.  For example  recent public awareness campaigns such as “I Love Leith“, “People Make Glasgow“, “Play Safe” and  “Glasgow for Business Week”. 

See more examples, including before and after shots, in our gallery

Reviving City streets

See our case studies of collaborative projects with Glasgow City Council to regenerate Glasgow’s streetscapes.
“animation of the streetscape is a central component in ensuring a city remains vibrant and attractive. City councils support initiatives which endeavour to create an animated screetscape avoiding the negative impact associated with deteriorating frontages”  Dublin City Council.


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