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Identifying & Maintaining Sites.

Below is a typical sequence showing the steps we normally go through to identify, install and maintain a TPA site:

  • Initial discussion with site owner over sites’ suitability, partners’ needs and potential to host advertising
  • Site is fully surveyed, with measurements, photographs and sketches being taken
  • We also assess the surrounding area and the impact of the site not only on the environment but crucially on the local community
  • Client meetings take place where we thoroughly discuss our site assessment and our proposals. We arrive at a mutually beneficial terms
  • This detailed proposal is submitted to the site owner and to whatever planning process is necessary. TPA handle all parts of the planning application
  • Once we gain the required consents, site preparation begins to an agreed spec and timetable
  • Construction work commences, e.g. building and erecting TPA hoardings or installing shop-front panels
  • Once completed we enter post construction phase which includes priming, filling, painting, artwork/civic imagery installation
  • Poster frames are then introduced onto hoardings along with the posting of local adverts
  • Finally the site is given any further required cosmetic treatment which can include further painting and any other necessary work

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Due to weekly posting cycle, sites are attended at least once a week
  • We systematically audit site condition, documenting any necessary maintenance work
  • Rapid response by TPA teams to remedy site issues
  • Over and above posting cycle and associated site visits, sites are maintained regularly and kept free of graffiti and fly posting at all times
  • This is a free service
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