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Hope Street.

Project Description

Our self-funded shop-front model attracts new tenants.

The Situation

With the recession forcing many retailers to pull down their shutters, our retail high streets can sometimes look run down as more vacant properties go untreated. Boarded up and neglected units have a massive negative impact on our high streets and shopping centres. Not only are they unattractive to buy or rent, they are also unappealing to shoppers and visiting tourists. They also have a direct negative impact on the survival of existing retailers all of which can effect footfall. This was very much the case when we were asked to take on this failing Hope Street unit.

What We Did

We approached this site with our usual vigour, undertaking a thorough clean down of the site and its surrounds, removing illegal fly posting and installing custom-fit panels. Our transformation of the site was completed with the rotation of very high quality poster advertising from TPA clients who were delighted with the visibility of the location. We managed all this through our self-funding scheme, so the commercial property agent, Breck Consultants, had no cash exposure while greatly benefiting from a transformed frontage with their brand name and telephone number prominently displayed to generate enquiries from potential tenants.

The Benefits

No longer was the shop-front blighted by vandalism, tagging, graffiti or unauthorised fly posting; TPA’s Duty of Care combated anti-social behaviour. The position was hugely popular with our advertiser clients, the local authority gained from having the streetscape upgraded and the site maintained and, ultimately, Breck Consultants were able to attract a new tenant. That’s a great win:win for everyone.

Alan Stewart (Breck Property Consultants); “TPA’s constantly changing posters created great interest in the site and helped keep the property fresh. TPA’s transformation of our Hope Street unit was, in no small part, key to us shortening what looked like a long vacancy cycle and attracting a new tenant. The self-funding nature of TPA’s initiative is a fantastic opportunity; ultimately owners have nothing to lose and everything to gain…and even if it’s just enhanced in the short term it can protect the property and visually improve the area”

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Project Details

  • Date July 13, 2011
  • Tags Case Study
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