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Advertising Drums.

Project Description

TPA’s advertising drums help eliminate fly posting and other anti-social behaviour

The Situation

Trouble spots in Glasgow’s city centre streets were attracting high volumes of illegal fly posting, graffiti & tagging. The scale of illegal fly posting and graffiti on these streets was overwhelming the local authority’s resources and creating an eyesore for commercial landlords and local communities.

What We Did 

TPA’s solution was to install and maintain advertising drums within the area’s most acutely affected and to implement our Duty of Care ensuring that the area within the proximity of the drums was kept free from graffiti and fly posting.

In advance of the drum installation we went to work cleaning down the areas identified, removing illegal fly posting, tagging and graffiti. In some extreme instances this involved cleaning down and restoring the surrounding street furniture and introducing anti fly posting treatments.

The Benefits

The benefits were immediate.

The local council, economy and community benefit by having their streets cleared of anti-social fly posting and graffiti without the associated removal and clean-up costs.

Furthermore, the drum installation removed the need for illegal fly posting by providing a cost effective and authorised alternative for advertisers.

The general public and local residents also benefit by having an interesting structure providing them with relevant local information and a  more attractive environment surrounded by significantly less urban decay.


Project Details

  • Date June 6, 2011
  • Tags Case Study
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