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People Make Glasgow.

Project Description

Responsive advertising for local authorities

The Challenge

TPA were briefed by Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (GCMB) to help launch the new Glasgow City brand identity “People Make Glasgow”. The brief was to provide an affordable, visible & responsive street advertising campaign to target the usually difficult to reach urban audiences within the Merchant City area of the City.

What We Did

We selected six key Merchant City sites and with forward planning and sufficient lead in time were able to utilise sequential advertising panels to maximize impact. Sites such as these stretching to 20ft or more we call “Creative Runs”. The campaigns varied striking designs and the way in which we were able to post them produced a themed visual experience uniquely reinforcing the “People Make Glasgow” message.

The Benefits

TPA’s expertise in utilising and revitalising neglected urban streetscapes benefited GCMB by allowing them an affordable and highly effective means to reach their target market.

In particular our tried and tested ‘Creative Runs’ offer maximum exposure at street level and by clustering a number of themed designs on the run and rotating frequently, enables TPA clients to make an impact.

Project Details

  • Date October 12, 2013
  • Tags Case Study
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